Keying the Blue Screen

One the key feature of my VFX sequence is the chroma keying, for this I used Keylight and for the compositing I used After Effects. Starting with the blue screen footage I applied the keylight, I adjusted the screen gain, screen balance, and the clip black and white. This gave me my initial key. I […]

The Raven Asset

My final asset was a raven. I purchased this from and came rigged and animated. I elected to purchase this as my focus is not animation and to save time in modelling. In 3ds max I used the animation from the model and tracked the bird in flight matching it to a camera in […]

Finalising the 3D Scene

After modelling and texturing the assets I brought them into the main scene. I had to adjust some of the textures because of a too high reflection, but I began tweaking this whilst I introduced the lighting in the scene. I used a daylight system for the external lighting, settings for the daylight system were […]

Developing the Assets

I developed the scene assets for the model in a separate 3DS Max file. Again I used simple modelling techniques such as box modelling with splines, and using the bolean and symmetry tools. A friend of mine also produced an asset for me, the main door to the room, this model was made by James […]

Developing the 3D Models

I began by modelling the interior before developing the assets. I did simple block construction of the interior, using splines, bolean geometry and the lathe tool. Establishing the basic layout.   Adding the front balcony. Adding the roof and checking the geometry. After the main construction I optimised the geometry and removed any excess geometry […]

Designing the Interior

After researching castle interiors and possible assets I began designing my interior and concept art for the assets, before moving onto the storyboards. Early concept sketches, utilising the basic idea layout. These further concept sketches refining more of the detail of the interior aswell as adding more details such as brick work and further assets. […]

Design Research

Its important that each element is thoroughly thought out, this is to ensure the designs of the architecture is acurate as well as any elements in the scene are appropiate. The mirror also as it it is a unique design and must look appropiate as well as ornate and stylised. Castle Interiors There are several […]