Website Proposed Design

As a further extension of our branding we were required to produce a website design that again incorporated our individual brands. This was also to act two-fold as a form of self promotion, to show potential employers our work. The following is my proposed website design, I used a simple scrolling website layout, from my […]

DVD Case Design

To prove effectiveness of our branding we were required to produce a DVD case design that incorporated our logo. This is the design for my initial DVD case, I don’t feel it particularly worked out very well. The product is completely made up using still from previous project work, I don’t feel the branding held […]

Logo Development

From my research I decided to utilise some of the common trends currently used in logos. Primarily I used the use of negative space, and letter stacking. For it to be an effective logo the design needs to be easily reproducible, in both colour and monochrome. I began by developing four separate designs, and made […]

Compositing the Raven Track

My final step was to composite the raven into the scene. I tracked a camera through the 3D scene, and matched the camera in a separate 3DS Max file and tracked the raven in flight. I rendered the ravens flight as a PNG sequence with a built-in Alpha channel, in After Effects I overlayed the […]

Creating the Ripple Effect

I created the ripple effect by combining the caustics plugin with the radio waves plugin, producing a ripple that I could repeat that would also have a 3D feel to it. I added an adjustment layer to my composition above the video footage but below the frame of the mirror to help maintain the illusion […]

Compositing the Blue Screen Footage to the Background

The next stage was compositing the keyed blue screen footage into the scene. Again for this I was using After Effects. I began with the background of the room interior, I duplicated the footage multiple time so that I could beak it down into separate elements, this would help me create a sense of depth. […]