Logo Development

From my research I decided to utilise some of the common trends currently used in logos. Primarily I used the use of negative space, and letter stacking. For it to be an effective logo the design needs to be easily reproducible, in both colour and monochrome.

I began by developing four separate designs, and made subtle to experiment with the colour and font styles.

Logo designs 01

The first design used an ink splat as the identifier, and varied the colours and font, ultimately this wasn’t a particularly strong design.

Logo designs 02

This design focused more on letter stacking, specifically the S’s and A’s the issue with this design is that there’s no significance of these particular letter, the colour schemes as well held no signficant impact, and would cause issue in reproducing it in monochrome.

Logo designs 03

I quite liked this design, I liked the ink stamp effect on the letters and the Japanese style feel it brought, however this again has no impact on the style work the logo needs to signify.

Logo designs 04

This design worked the best, the simple logo symbol utilises negative space which fits in with current logo trends, and there is slight letter stacking but the letters aren’t predominately highlighted giving them undue significance.

Using this design as a based I made some adjustment to make it more appropriate.

Logo Final

The final design. I added a textured background but this can be removed as necessary. I removed the drop shadow from the lettering to make the design easier to reproduce. This design can now be used it creating my further branding such as the business card, and the DVD case.


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