Compositing the Blue Screen Footage to the Background

The next stage was compositing the keyed blue screen footage into the scene. Again for this I was using After Effects.

I began with the background of the room interior, I duplicated the footage multiple time so that I could beak it down into separate elements, this would help me create a sense of depth. From there I was able to composite in the live action footage.

After I separated the mirror into different layer I applied a radial blur to the background layer.

Seperating the background layer 03

Next was compositing the footage. I brought the footage in as a pre-comp and adjusted the positioning of the layer in z depth, and keyframed the position to track appropriately with the background footage.

After placing the initial layer, I then began colour correcting the footage.

Compositing the blue screen

Compositing the blue screen colour corretion

I would adjust this later on as I still had to apply a Caustics layer to create the ripples, and would be able to adjust the colour tones of that layer.




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